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Tuesday, July 18

08:30 GMT-05

ICA Getsemaní Auditorium An overview of film reception studies in brazil: slight advances for a field legitimation Sala 201Henrique Denis Lucas Regiane Regina Ribeiro Contexts & conditions of the reception of Nollywood-- an African popular movie culture: Social dispositions-- identifications and everyday politics. Sala 201Anouk Batard What do European youngsters think about cinema?: An exploratory research on attitudes within the European Union. Sala 201Maria T. Soto-Sanfiel Isabel Villegas-Simón Ariadna Angulo-Brunet Youth Cultures and Screen Culture: the social experience of going to the cinema in the Mexican youth of the middle of the 20th Century Sala 201Maricela Portillo Jerónimo Repoll Being Practical about Media Justice Secretaría GeneralNick Couldry Beyond Borders: The Place of Indigenous Traditions in Community Media Initiatives Barahona 3Anjali Monteiro Bluetooth radio and tribal communication: a case study of CG-Net Swara Barahona 3Sweta Singh Building Brand Equity Through Social Media Sala 301Yasmin Gopal Communication for The Future: Lessons Learned from the Tejido de Comunicación of Northern Cauca and the Urgency of Moving Forward Barahona 3Alex Secué Comunicación organizacional comunitaria: el diagnostico de las prácticas comunicativas de un banco comunitario en la periferia de Brasília Sala 301Luíza Mônica Assis Silva Victor Márcio Laus Reis Gomes Vânia Mara Vasques Balbino Souza Zianna Farrapeira LacerdaRaíssa Defensa del derecho y la democratización de la comunicación en Argentina: prácticas y estrategias de organizaciones de medios audiovisuales sin fines de lucro (2010-2016) Sala 301Kristin Shamas Disability and Media Justice Secretaría GeneralGerard Goggin From Celebration to social justice: How Guelaguetza cultural festivals prepare indigenous immigrants for civic life Barahona 3Antonieta Mercado How Does the Internet Work in China’s Urban Community Context? Extending Communication Mediation Model Sala 301Bin Wang JingPing Wang Indigenous Communication and the Nasa Life Plan – An Overview. Barahona 3Andrea Medrado • Dora Muñoz Media Justice and Algorithmic Repression in Mexico Secretaría GeneralEmiliano Trerè Swarm networks and the design process of a distributed meme warfare campaign Sala 301Travis Wall Teodor Mitew The #Feesmustfall Challenge to Journalism-As-Usual and the Demand for Social Justice via Media Secretaría GeneralAnthea Garman Towards Data Justice? Reframing the Datafication Debate Secretaría GeneralLina Dencik Communication-- development and social change: una propuesta de justicia reconstructiva a desde las artes escénicas. Salón ArsenalValeria Casallas Paola Helena de las Mercedes Acosta Community Radio Policy in Japan−Current Status and Future Salón ArsenalTomoko Kanayama Tsutomu Kanayama La brecha digital como oportunidad: Redes digitales autónomas de comunidades indígenas en Oaxaca y Chiapas-- México Salón ArsenalCarlos Francisco Baca Feldman Erick Huerta Velázquez Participación ciudadana y estrategias sociodigitalizadas en nuevas expresiones del conflicto social en Argentina. Salón ArsenalMalvina Eugenia RodrÍguez Elizabeth Beatriz Theiler -This is the duty of our work”: post-earthquake challenges faced by Nepali journalists Barahona 2.2Einar Thorsen Chindu Sreedharan Local journalism in war: Experience from Latin America Barahona 2.2Yennué Zárate Valderrama Methodological innovation in impact evaluation of journalism projects. The case of the impact study on Studio Tamani in Mali Barahona 2.2Guido Keel Christoph Spurk The Syrian Conflict and the Quest of Hegemony: A Comparative Study of the BBC and RT in Reporting Aleppo. Barahona 2.2Irfan Raja War reporting from above: has the use of drones to cover the Syrian civil war provided more than just spectacular images? Barahona 2.2Phil Chamberlain Data-Driven Urban Governance and the Condition of Post-industrial Politics in South Korea Barahona 4.1Chamee Yang Repairable Media. An archeology of popular consumption and technological recycling in Bogota, Colombia. Barahona 4.1Fabian Prieto Ñañez Tales of Sustainable housing: exploring technologies of the forest industry Barahona 4.1Karla Palma The Public Discourse on Child Nutrition: A Case of Augmented Silence in South India Barahona 4.1Karthik Kamalanathan Global sushi-- global environmental threat?: media struggles for the oceans Sala 304 AGlobal sushi La marea roja-- los salmones y el impacto ambiental: un conflicto socio-ambiental en Chile (2016). Sala 304 ALa marea roja Real Estate Expansion-- Environment and Journalism Sala 304 AReal Estate Expansion Water issues in media: The scenario of today’s discourses about nature Sala 304 AWater issues Destabilising essentialised notions of sex workers’ sexual subjectivities through digital-storytelling Pegasos 1Ntokozo Sibahle Yingwana Gender Representation in the Nepali press during pre-conflict-- conflict and post-conflict periods Sala 101Samiksha Koirala I don't want to be what you want. Stereotypical self-representations and circumvention strategies on a girl-power dating website. Pegasos 1Francesca Ieracitano Perpetuation of gender stereotypes in love and sexual relationships: Heteronormativity in TV series consumed by young people Sala 101Rafael Ventura Maria-Jose Masane Pilar Medina-Bravo Recycling subjectivities: Comparing ‘Zero Trash Girl’ and ‘A Day in the Life of a Dalit Wastepicker’ Pegasos 1Mehita Iqani Subject Transformations: New media-- new feminist discourses Pegasos 1Nithila Kanagasabai The voices online: ideological approaches and representativeness in LGBT Brazilian vlogs Sala 101Tomaz Affonso Penner Transformation in Emirati Culture through Gender Equity and Tolerance: A Comparative Study Sala 101Maja Al Khaja Pam Creedon Mai Al Khaja Comunicación para el bienestar: cómo el enfoque educomunicativo ayuda a crear y divulgar el conocimiento en la investigación en salud Barahona 1.1Marciel Aparecido Consani Evaluación de políticas públicas en salud: Caso promoción y comunicación de la salud en México” Barahona 1.1Janet Garcia Gonzalez Impacto del audiovisual en el fortalecimiento de las Habilidades Sociales en jóvenes Barahona 1.1Magda Ospina Políticas transferentes: el caso de la regulación publicitaria en México Barahona 1.1Tonatiuh Cabrera Franco Julio Alfredo Ortiz Ramirez Being Cultural Marxists: Revisiting the Chinese New Lefts-- 1997-2017 Sala 301 BYang Sheng Frieda Hennock’s Media Policy in 1950’s : Underrated yet Still Significant Sala 301 BKoichiro Shigaki How Progress was ‘sold’ to us: The Alliance for Progress and the Mediatization of Development Policy in Latin America. Sala 301 BJairo Alfonso Lugo-Ocando Ximena Orchard Information Society and Contemporary Media Culture: The contribution of Vilém Flusser-- pioneer of communication and media studies in Brazil and Europe Sala 301 BMichael Hanke Revisiting Samper’s Ensayo sobre las Revoluciones Políticas (1861) in light of the newspaper in which it was originally published: El Español de Ambos Mundos Sala 301 BAndrea Cadelo Hate at first sight: Sexism-- hate and Islamophobia in an online discursive event Sala 304 BBilal Haider Rana Islamic terrorism in the usa and russian newspapers: comparative analysis Sala 304 BOlga Logunova Journalists’ Perception of their Roles and Ethics in Muslim and Western Countries: Evidence from Sala 304 BBasyouni Ibrahim Hamada The Challenges of the Egyptian Media Diversity in Current Stage Sala 304 BAzza Osman Abdelaziz A Validated 5D Country Image Measurement Scale for Public Diplomacy: Analyzing Value Drivers and Effects of Country Images on Stakeholders' Behavior in Seventeen Countries Pegasos 2Diana Ingenhoff Determinants of the Latin America News coverage in the German press Pegasos 2Regina Cazzamatta Is it disastrous or peaceful strategy? THADD disposition-- media coverage-- Korean Peninsula Crisis-- and international disputes: A discourse analysis on news coverage about it among South Korea-- Japan-- China... Pegasos 2Seon Gi Baek Jung Woo Jang Doudou Chen Three Communication Logics of Global Public Diplomacy Pegasos 2Rhonda samih Zaharna Examining the Social Media Echo Chamber Sala VIP III Examining Women Journalists´ Resistance to Violence Sala 103Carolyn M. Byerly How to get more likes-- shares and comments? Factors influencing user engagement on mainstream UAE news websites. Sala VIP IIIShujun Jiang Ali Rafeeq How trolls silence freedom of press: na examination of online harassement of women journalists Sala 103Michelle Ferrier Sourcing practices and the demotic voice in live blogging vs online news Sala VIP IIIEinar Thorsen Daniel Jackson Alistair Middlemiss Thomas Dence Transforming legacy print journalism into a successful podcast format: an ethnographic study of The Age’s Phoebe’s Fall Sala VIP IIISiobhan Ann McHugh Julie Nicole Posetti Uses of Social Media and Needs Gratification of University Students: A case of Pakistan Sala VIP IIIBin Yamin Khan Violence of gender against women journalists in Colombia Sala 103Jonathan Bock Violence of gender against women journalists in Mexico Sala 103Aimeé Veja Montiel Why women war reporters keep silent about sexual assault and why this matters. Sala 103Linda Steiner Draft once; deploy everywhere? Digital universalism and (mis)understanding Brazil’s Marco Civil da Internet Barahona 4,2Guy Thurston Hoskins Effects of the Trump Administration to likely International policy and regulation changes to the Open Internet or Net Neutrality Barahona 4,2Richard C. Vincent Regulating the Share Economy: Digital Media Contexts for Law and Policy Interventions. Barahona 4,3Timothy Dwyer The Role of Network Operators in China’s Cyber Security Law Barahona 4,2Lili Lei ICT literacy against educational lag Sala 303 BNorma Isabel Medina Importing Innovation? Culture and Politics of Education in Creative Industries, Case Kenya Sala 303 BMinna Horowitz Andrea Botero Media Literacy and Political Populism in Media Ecology Frame Sala 303 BDobrinka Stancheva Peicheva Lilia Raycheva Todorova-Kolarova Uso creativo de los medios aportes desde Venezuela Sala 303 BMorella del Carmen Alvarado Miquilena When Practice is More than Theory: Educommunication as an undergraduate program in Brazil. Sala 303 BCláudia Lago Luci Ferraz de Melo Creativity as critical resource in media production Barahona 4,3Nando Malmelin Sari Virta Exploring a new field: documentary impact production in the UK and the Netherlands Barahona 4,3Willemien Sanders Kate Nash Producing Radio Drama for the Millennial Audience – Sveriges Radio’s ‘Voices of the Dead’ Barahona 4,3Daithi McMahon Discurso mediático-- comunicación emotiva y opinión pública contemporánea Barahona 2.3Cesar Augusto Gaviria Cuartas La narrativa -ilustrada” de la publicidad. Entre las fórmulas mágicas y los consejos prácticos Barahona 2.3Mirla Del Carmen Villadiego Prins Tratamiento Informativo de las noticias de salud en Televisión Mexicana: Tendencias y Omisiones Barahona 2.3Viana Jaraba X Conferencia Nacional Guerrillera Farc-Ep; papel de la mujer-- educación y manipulación mediática contra la insurgencia. Barahona 2.3Melissa Sofhie Astaiza Delgado Juan David Cucuñame Communicating climate information across natural and social sciences: A critical analysis of climate information interventions from gender and farmer participation perspectives C. CaballeroSarah Cardey Fighting food waste through participation and activism - a case study C. CaballeroSara Teixeira Rego Balonas La inexistente línea abismal … C. DamasMonica Orozco Torres La participación social y la comunicación participativa-- ayudas eficaces para mitigar el cambio climático C. CaballeroJavier Anibal Espitia Metáforas para la resiliencia: el arte como mediador en procesos de desplazamiento en la ciudad de Medellín C. DamasLina Marcela Silva Ramírez Repensando las periferias de Medellín desde la comunicación participativa C. DamasDavid Leonardo Jimenez Angela Piedad Garces Resultados de la Segunda fase del proyecto Naturaleza y ambiente: dos categorías que se enfrentan. El caso del grupo de trabajo intergeneracional para la transmisión de los saberes tradicionales-- creado por las... C. CaballeroSonia Uruburu Gilede Yaneth Ortiz Nova Role of technology in enhancing public participation for urban policy: the case of an interactive installation in Limassol C. DamasAndreas Papallas Angeliki Gazi How to tell stories for Public Media to comprehend the most recent political and social changes in the North American region? Salon P. ObregónLenin Rafael Martell La deuda interna: acceso ciudadano y políticas sobre medios públicos en Argentina Salon P. ObregónDaniela Inés Monje Los medios públicos y el periodismo en la comunicación de la justicia transicional y de la Comisión de la Verdad” Salon P. ObregónFabio López de la Roche Modelos de organización-- control y financiamiento para la televisión pública en internet en países del MERCOSUR Salon P. ObregónEzequiel Alexander Rivero Políticas y acciones estatales en materia de comunicaciones para la implementación de los acuerdos de paz en Colombia Salon P. ObregónJuan Carlos Garzón A constellation of stars: Is there a relationship between Yelp and Michelin restaurant ratings? Sala 303 ARyan S. Eanes Affect, Online Queer Communities and the Possibility of Political Change? Hopes of Channeling RuPaul’s Drag Race into LGBTQ Visibility and Action through Socia l Media in the US and Brazil. Sala 303 ANiall Patrick Brennan Cultural Industry, humor and emerging advertising formats: An analysis of 'Porta dos Fundos' Brazilian web channel Sala 303 ARenata Gomes Melo Laura Marani Bahia Jose Mauricio Conrado Moreira Da Silva Eduarda Fernanda Lopes Factors that influence celebrities’ personal brands: the effects of fan club membership offers on celebrity image Sala 303 AJill Whitfield Cindy T. Christen The indigenous fashion from the highlans of Chiapas Sala 303 ASilvia Coca Córdova Media movements in times of pushback of human rights: Is everything lost? Barahona 1.2María Soledad Segura Paper: Music Video and Human Rights in Guatemala: Challenging the Structural Power of Media via YouTube Barahona 1.2Gabriela Martínez Stopping the spies: learning from activist campaigns about effective anti-surveillance work Barahona 1.2Jane Duncan The Skills Training-- Corporate Humanitarian Complex and New-- Heterogeneous Actors in Reshaping Civil Society Barahona 1.2Sreela Sarkar Digital media and political citizenship: Facebook and politics in South Africa Sala 302 ATanja Estella Bosch Movilización para las campañas electorales a través de las redes sociales. Elecciones generales españolas de 2015 (20D) Sala 302 ACarlos A. Ballesteros Herencia Online Campaigns in Ecuador Presidential Elections: Information-- Interactivity-- Engagement and Mobilization. Sala 302 AIria Puyosa Online Political Election Markets as Platforms of Participation and Orientation. User Attributes as Determinants of Forecast Quality Sala 302 ABjörn Klein Olaf Jandura Political Image Building in the Digital Age: An analysis of the Twitter communication of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sala 302 ASyed Murtaza Alfarid Hussain Arindam Gupta The growing influence of social media in the 2015 national elections in Trinidad and Tobago Sala 302 AIndrani Bachan-Persad Images of Agn? Varda: autobiography, intertextuality and new discourses Barahona 2.1Denize Correa Araujo The Great Wall: Transforming Manner of Sino-Hollywood Film Co-Production Barahona 2.1Fangyu CHE The passage of images – Chantal Akerman’s countercinema and the representation of the immigrant Barahona 2.1Rafaela Martins de Souza

10:00 GMT-05

10:30 GMT-05

Entre el reality y el melodrama: la verdadera audiencia del programa juvenil Esto Es Guerra Sala 201Guillermo Vásquez Fermi Experiencias con los medios y tecnologías de la comunicación en el ámbito de la valoración social de lo indígena en el resguardo Wasiruma (Vijes-- Valle del Cauca-- Colombia) Sala 201Adriana Rodrígez Sanchez Carlos Andrés Tobar Tovar Memorias televisivas a 40 años del Golpe de Estado: El pasado reciente en Chile para las audiencias de series de ficción Sala 201Lorena Antezana Cristian Cabalin Televisión de las cadenas públicas de gobierno en Brasil: un estudio sobre la participación-- difusión y audiencia. Sala 201Rodolpho Raphael de Oliveira Santos Aldecir Becker Ed Porto Bezerra De sueños juveniles a pesadillas históricas: la visión japonesa de la segunda guerra mundial a través las cintas -La tumba de las luciérnagas- y -Se levanta el viento- Barahona 4.2Jorge Salvador Anaya Martinez Dirty art-- pure rhythm: reflections on comics and jazz Barahona 4.2Geisa Fernandes Major Lazer: La animación en la música electrónica como recurso transmedia Barahona 4.2Citlaly Aguilar Campos Tecnología-- mesianismo y deseo en las misteriosas ciudades de oro Barahona 4.2leonel enrique buelvas Osiris María Chajin A joint commitment: indigenous and community media to change reality Barahona 3Claudia Magallanes-Blanco Committed to the community? Assessing the practice of community radio stations in Dorset Secretaría GeneralSalvatore Scifo Jordan Wildon Comunicación popular desde el territorio de la ruralidad y la resistencia en el Noroeste argentino Secretaría General Cyberactivism, Digital Citizenship and New Urban Movements Sala 301Francisco Sierra Caballero Exploring the politics in technopolitcs – media practices and the mediation between technology and politics among Brazilian social movements Sala 301Paola Madrid Sartoretto Latin America’s “Super Pioneers” of Online Journalism: Innovation and Success as an Alternative to Mainstream Media Sala 301Summer Harlow Radios comunitarias en Chile: el afecto y voluntad como impulso de acción - en la voz de sus actores Secretaría GeneralJuan Domingo Ramìrez Technopolitics, digital activism and social movements: Deconstructing the notion to enlarge its explanatory potential Sala 301Alejandro Barranquero Emiliano Treré The contributions of Sumak Kawsay to Communication Studies: analysis of the Continental Summits of Indigenous Communication of Abya Yala Barahona 3Minerva Campion The Elephant in the Room: Negotiating the State in the Community Radio Sector in South Asia Secretaría GeneralVinod Pavarala The intersectional political economy of technopolitics in Greek anti-austerity protest media Sala 301Sandra Jeppesen WhatsApp and the Urban Yerukala: Communicational Layers and Identity Flows Barahona 3Prasheel Anand Banpur ¿Cómo suena la radio comunitaria en Cali? Diagnóstico de 4 Radios Comunitarias de la Ciudad (2015-2016) Secretaría GeneralAna María Diaz ¿Los medios de pueblos originarios son comunitarios? Experiencias de comunicación indígena mediatizada en Argentina Barahona 3Francesca Belotti Emilse Siares La doble connotación de ser migrante y ser indígena en Estados Unidos: discurso de odio en la era Trump Salón ArsenalAndrea Gómez Social Media Governance: Exploration of Emerging Model in the People’s Republic of China Salón ArsenalYik Chan Chin Changfeng Chen #iProtest: The case of the Colourful Revolution in FYRMacedonia Barahona 2.2Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou Sergios Lenis Digital dynamics of accountability and public legitimacy – Finnish Immigration Service during the -European refugee crisis” Barahona 2.2Mervi Pantti Markus Ojala Salla-Maaria Laaksonen Picturing the -refugee crisis”. Visual patterns in the German TV coverage of the refugee and immigration issue Barahona 2.2Sünje Paasch-Colberg Public Sphere along the Balkan Route: How Serbian-- Hungarian and German Newspapers discuss the Migration Crisis Barahona 2.2Corinne Schweizer Sanja Vico Tijana Stolic Gyorgyi Horvath ESPN and Gender Representation: An Analysis of Women's Roles in Sports Media Barahona 4.1Chelsea Morgan Eddington From Political Action to Earned Media: Representation-- Corporate Speech-- and the North Carolina Bathroom Law Barahona 4.1Steph Hill Women: The bearer of meaning or the maker of meaning? Challenging the representations of women in Comic Book Culture. Barahona 4.1Kate Maria Wilkinson Environmental news vs. climate change news: political contestation in developed and developing countries Sala 304 AMikkel Eskjær Should journalists practise journalism of attachment when reporting the climate change war? Sala 304 AMariana Alves Campos The social and discursive construction of climate change denial discourse in the present and future: Intertextual maps and disruptive tactics Sala 304 AJeffrey Alan Hoffmann Use of information visualisations in climate change news: an analysis of image-text relations in data journalism Sala 304 AEugenia Lee Conversing Ethics in India’s News Media: A capabilities approach to media ethics training and practice Salon P. ObregónShakuntala Rao Kanchan K Malik En busca de sentido: la identidad y condiciones laborales de los periodistas colombianos Salon P. ObregónLiliana Gutiérrez-Coba Mariano Ure Jairo Valderrama-Valderrama Ethical Challenges of Cross-border Journalism: Responsibilities and Values of Journalists in Series such as SwissLeaks Salon P. ObregónBen-Hur Demeneck Independence from the crowd: protecting journalistic integrity in Asian news organisations Salon P. ObregónCherian George Is it possible to do good journalism by being part of a story? Salon P. ObregónCeren Sözeri Andean female representation on Peruvian films from the internal conflict era. Sala 101James A. Dettleff Beyond Bollywood Binaries - Love and Popular Hindi Cinema Sala 101Aditi Maddali Black women at the intersection of gender-- race and class in post-apartheid films Sala 101Gilbert Motsaathebe Communication Intervention Programmes on Knowledge of Baby Factory’ Phenomenon among in-School Adolescents in South-East Nigeria Pegasos 1Onyinyechi Nancy Nwaolikpe Conservative motherhood and challenging motherhood in israeli tv series Pegasos 1Einat Lachover Gendered Memories of Partition in Cinema: Exploring Intersectionality and Meaning Making in the film 'Qissa' Sala 101Shubhda Arora Isn’t it endless quarrel? TV talk show-- conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law-- and sub-cultural implications: A Discourse analysis on ‘Welcome to mother-in-law’-- a TV talk show-- in Korea... Pegasos 1Kumryang Kang Jeong-ah Yoon Jinju Baek The Use of Social Media by Syrian Refugee Families: Who holds the power? Pegasos 1naglaa elemary Back to where you once belonged: el discurso del odio y el sistema de medios para el fortalecimiento de las élites nacionales-conservadoras en Brasil Sala VIP IIIJanaine Sibelle Freires Aires Suzy dos Santos International organizations in the global media governance: The ‘creative economy’ policy agenda making for whom and for what? Sala VIP IIIAntonios Vlassis Christiaan De Beukelaer More civil society participation in public media: Implications for global media policy Sala VIP IIIDaeho Kim Structuring Nigeria’s Movie Industry in a Minimal Policy Environment Sala VIP IIIJade Miller Turkey’s Internet Policy: The Emergence of a Distributed Network of Online Suppression and Surveillance Sala VIP IIIBilge Yesil Efe Kerem Sozeri Emad Khazraee Laura Schwartz-Henderson Facebook as a health communication strategy: the experience of a Brazilian scientific institution Barahona 1.1Ana Carolina de Oliveira Monteiro Santos Nathállia Silva Gameiro Fernanda Santana Miranda Pro-vaccination in the news: Campaigns through public petitions and social media Barahona 1.1Samantha Vanderslott Storytelling the -superbug crisis”: storylines-- storytelling techniques-- and storytellers on YouTube Barahona 1.1Mia Lindgren Monika Djerf-Pierre Breeding Fear: US Enemy Formation during the Cold War Sala 301 BBarbie Zelizer Film and the administration of fear: Productions of post-war memory in Germany and Japan Sala 301 BIsabel Capeloa Gil Inducing Fear through the Airwaves: Nazi-Broadcasting Propaganda in Neutral Countries Sala 301 BNelson Costa Ribeiro Voices for a World in-between? Exile media as transnational hinges between confidence and fear. The Case of the Austro American Tribune (AAT) Sala 301 BChristian Schwarzenegge Gaby Falböck Articulation of Religion in the Cyberspace: The Case of Islamic Fatwa Websites Sala 304 BAbida Eijaz Media at Work: Priming and Framing Charlie Hebdo and Chapel Hill Killings Sala 304 BMohamed Kirat The Hinduization of Bombay Cinema in 1949 - The case of Barsaat (Raj Kapoor-- 1949) Sala 304 BEmília Teles da Silva Asian television-- international communication and cultural globalization: A critical analysis from 2000 to 2015 Pegasos 2Dieer Liao Yueyue Liang Encountering Chinese modernity: the emerging popularity of Chinese television drama in East Africa Pegasos 2Wei Lei From Bollywood to TV Globo: Industry driven soft power in the democratic BRICS India and Brazil Pegasos 2Swapnil Rai Joseph Straubhaar (Trans) Formación en Periodismo: Propuestas de universidades brasileñas en un escenario de cambios Sala 103Ada Cristina Silveira Edileuson Santos Almeida Enseñanza del periodismo universitario. Del saber a la práctica Sala 103Sonia Milena Torres Quiroga Investigación y periodismo en la universidad de cartagena. Una aproximación desde los trabajos de grado presentados en el programa de comunicación social. Sala 103 La formación profesional de periodistas en Cuba durante la última década. Análisis del diseño y la implementación curricular en la Universidad de La Habana. Sala 103Dasniel Olivera Pérez Laura Piñera Ruiz Los desafíos de la universidad en la formación profesional del periodista contemporáneo. Sala 103Paula Melani Rocha Critical media consumption: College students challenge media frames of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Sala 303 BLea Mandelzis Mira Foierstein Information and Communication Technologies and the democratization of the process of content generation via WhatsApp by communication students in private institutions Sala 303 BPaulo Junior Silva Pinheiro La escritura creativa en la formacion de estudiantes universitarios Sala 303 BJohn Jairo León Scholars media: reflections and concepts from teachers and students Sala 303 BJuan Carlos Ceballos Sepúlveda How actors in media companies reduce complexity and uncertainty and thereby shape journalistic performance Barahona 4.3Bartosz Wilczek Letting more than the pictures do the talking: Afghan photojournalists’ perceptions and representations of Afghanistan Barahona 4.3Saumava Mitra Saving the ‘Reality Principle’ in Journalism in ‘Post-Truth’ Age: Reflections on the Potential Role of Local News Production Barahona 4.3Ozan Asik Riza Sam Willing to listen-- willing to speak: On expanding journalist-source relations in times of crisis Barahona 4.3Michael B Munnik 'Thank you Croatia!': Framing of the Refugee Crisis in Croatian Public Discourse Barahona 2.3Marijana Grbeša Domagoj Bebić Cartography of vulnerability of human rights of migrants: case studies france - brazil of grants for public policy managementgrants for public policy management Barahona 2.3Regina Gloria Nunes Andrade Cibele Mariano Vaz de Macêdo Graça Hoefel Denise Maria de Oliveira Lima From Ignorance to Wisdom: Similarities and Differences about the concept of mass in Gustave LeBon and James Surowiecki Barahona 2.3Rafiza Luziani Varão Rodrigo Miranda Barbosa The Syrian People Know Their Way: The shift from online contestation to digital retention Barahona 2.3Miriyam Aouragh Communication for inclusive innovation: revealing discourses and actions toward more inclusive innovation processes for local development in Cusco-- Peru C. CaballeroBernardo Alayza Solis Oleg Nicetic Elske van de Fliert El concepto de comunicación y cambio social en los Organismos de Cooperación Internacional: PNUD y Global Communities en Norte de Santander (2015) C. CaballeroRicardo Arquímedes Castro Quintero Gladys Adriana Espinel Rubio Expertise in participatory development: should the C4D expert survive? C. CaballeroJessica Noske-Turner ICT in Mexican Government and Civil Society Organizations for the Development of Young People. A Diagnosis from a Participatory Perspective. C. DamasRebeca Padilla Ana Isabel Zermeño Institutionalising the C4D Evaluation Framework: between principled aspirations and pragmatic compromises C. CaballeroJessica Noske-Turner Vinod Pavarala Jo Tacchi Participatory communication in Social Change and Empowerment: Exploring the role of non-linear-- local-- and multiperspectival structural frameworks in development communication C. CaballeroSundeep Muppidi Returning the medium: Analysis of the mobile telephone as a tool for political participation in Kenya C. DamasDavid Jesse Katiambo Gloria Ooko Rural producers as local communicators: improving communication skills in the Brazilian semiarid C. CaballeroRicardo Moura Braga Cavalcante Adilson Rodrigues da Nóbrega Speaking Truth to Power: Communications-- Politics and Participation in Southern Africa C. DamasWinston Mano Viola Candice Milton The right to be heard: Children and teen participation in policy making in Bogotá C. DamasAngela Tellez ‘Blood, crime and consumption: The “plasma gangs” scare in Alexandra, Johannesburg’ Sala 303 ANicky Falkof ‘Plastic aesthetic: Reading iThemba Tower, Johannesburg’ Sala 303 AMehita Iqani  Bearing Witness and the logic of Celebrity in the Struggle over Canada’s Oil/Tar Sands Barahona 1.2Patrick Mccurdy Mediated Consumerism and the Climate Crisis Barahona 1.2Justin Lewis Nothing but truthiness in Australia: public discourses on the Adani Carmichael mine  Barahona 1.2Benedetta Brevini Terry Woronov The struggle for green citizenship: environmental organizations betweeen activism, advocacy and policy Barahona 1.2Richard Maxwell Toby Miller Ambiguous effects of perceived algorithmic bubbles on political recognition: evidence from the brazilian political crisis Sala 302 AJoao Carlos Magalhaes Confianza en la información de medios sociales y su impacto en la hipótesis de la acción correctiva Sala 302 ADiego Armando Mazorra Political News Exposure and Trust in Government: Testing Mediator and Moderator Effects Sala 302 ALaihui Yu Ke Xue Mingyang Yu Short term reciprocal effects between political knowledge and media use. Evidence from the last German Election. Sala 302 AReimar Zeh Christoph Adrian De cómo América descubrió los turcos: telenovelas turcas a la luz del contexto sociocultural latinoamericano Barahona 2.1Lucas Martins Neia Daniela Alfonso Ortega El cine en El Gran Caribe hispánico y la nueva exótica: mirada crítica al cine de ficción contemporáneo de la región. Barahona 2.1Carlos López Lizarazo El hombre imaginante y la obra de su imaginación: una reflexión sobre los procesos de localidad y apropiación de la ficción televisiva extranjera Barahona 2.1Lizbeth Kanyat Kinesthetic Cinema - Cinematography in dialogue with indigenous cosmologies. Barahona 2.1Enrico Diego Mandirola Las fronteras de lo verdadero en los falsos documentales Barahona 2.1Sergio Aguilar Alcalá ¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de cine mexicano?: Tendencias transnacionales y narrativas globales en el cine de México Barahona 2.1Manuel Antonio Pérez Tejada UNESCO Getsemaní Auditorium

10:31 GMT-05

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GAMAG Getsemaní Auditorium -Natalie’s my favourite. She tells it like it is”: Youth Audiences Discuss their Consumption and Reception of Israeli TV Dramas Sala 201Alina Bernstein Dalia Liran Alper A Fantasy Theme Analysis Of Chinese K-pop Fans On-line Expressions of Patriotism Sala 201XI LU Adaptation-- inspiration and fanfiction: forms of transcreating a story inside the fandom of The Phantom of the Opera Sala 201Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes Racial relations in Cuba: an approach to the reception of Brazilian telenovelas Sala 201Ana Luiza Monteiro Alves Saga’s Story: emotional engagement in the production and reception of Nordic crime drama The Bridge Sala 201Annette Hill Social Audience and European Serial Fiction Sala 201Nuria Garcia Muñoz Emili Prado Picó Belen Monclus Blanco Alba Mendoza Camps An Analysis of Visual Culture and Communication During the Gezi Park Protests Sala 301Hande Eslen-ziya Anti-Advertising Activism and Transnational Creative Tactics Secretaría GeneralEleftheria Lekakis Art Strike: Attention-- Saturation-- Striation Secretaría GeneralLucy Finchett-Maddock Challenges and opportunities: Minority language radio under transformation Barahona 3Ya-Chi Chen Drilling, Mining and Memes: Vernacular Digital Media and Neoextractivism in Argentina Secretaría GeneralPaula Serafini Exploring the Methodological and Ethical Issues of Conducting Social Media Research in Turkey Sala 301Umut Korkut From Documentary to Community Media and Socialist to Socialike: Engaging publics through production and exhibition Barahona 3Nikhil Thomas Titus Imaginarios de los radioyentes: los sentidos culturales de Frecuencia Libre Barahona 3Ismar Capistrano Costa Filho Individual creativity and intellectual property: art, disobedience and the digital mediation Secretaría GeneralGemma Argüello-Manresa Social Media in Bangladesh: New Weapon for Promoting Islamic Extremism? Barahona 3Shudipta Sharma The Aesthetics of Protest: Performance and Social Movements on Social Media Sala 301Aidan James McGarry When the minorities speak: the subaltern voices search for visibility in the web series Cartas Urbanas from the collective Nigéria in Fortaleza (Brazil) (PRESENTATION IN SPANISH) Barahona 3Francisco Sérgio Sousa Márcia Vidal Nunes Beyond ‘zero sum’: Charting the relationship between Network Neutrality-- the Digital Divide and Zero Rating in the global South Salón ArsenalGuy Thurston Hoskins Communications regulation in the UK and the use of big data: assessing the impact on democratic citizenship Salón ArsenalJelena Dzakula From broadcast to mobile broadband policy: critical issues and interventions Salón ArsenalJosef Trappel Open access policy and data sharing practice in UK academia Salón ArsenalYimei Zhu The policy-making process of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive review: many political voices-- one digital world? Salón ArsenalAntonios Vlassis A Semiotic-Discursive Analysis on news regarding the murders of social leaders in Colombian between August 2016 and January 2017: A case of study Barahona 2.2Emy Paola Osorio Blind spots and tensions between authorities-- emergency management experts and journalists during catastrophe coverage: qualitative analysis on perceptions and expectations of those responsible in the case of... Barahona 2.2Soledad Puente Daniela Grassau Diplomatic disputes over media strategies in post-conflict countries: explaining the trans-Atlantic divide Barahona 2.2Simon Thibault The moderating effect of response and sources on the relationship between sadness and reputation Barahona 2.2Minqin MA Song AO 'MyRefugeeFriend” Campaign Analysis: Interculturality and Cosmopolitism at Christmas Night Salon P. ObregónSofia cavalcanti zanforlin Diasporas in Crisis: An examination of competing discourses of Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon Salon P. Obregón Media visibility and the balance between humanitarian and crisis perceptions in migration and refugee policies: the reception of Haitian flows in Brazil 2010-2016 Salon P. ObregónJoao Guilherme Casagrande Martinelli Lima Granja Xavier da Silva The media and the reading of the crisis experienced by the Arab community: a study of reception of Syrian immigrants in Goiás Salon P. ObregónJordânia Bispo Rocha Ana Carolina Rocha Pessôa Temer Raphaela Xavier de Oliveira Ferro -Where Can I Find It?” Digitization and Access to Educational Materials by Communication Students in Brazil Barahona 4.1Jhessica Reia Pedro Mizukami -ZAZI-Know Your Strength”- A reception Analysis of contraceptive utilisation in correlation to unplanned and unwanted pregnancies among young female learners’ in Umnini-- KwaZulu-Natal Barahona 4.1Yonela Vukapi A Community Perspective on Literacy Education in Contemporary Times Barahona 4.1Alysha Amrita Bains Moving Through Fields: Overlapping Social Practices Using Technology at Home and in the Classroom. Barahona 4.1Kristen Wright Reaching for the Top – Communication Strategies to Accumulate Power in Science Barahona 4.1Franziska Thiele Discursive damage control and the Chernobyl disaster. A discourse-theoretical analysis of the Belgian newspaper coverage Sala 304 AKarel Deneckere Geothermal energy in Chilean mass media: the energy black sheep Sala 304 ASofia Angeles Vargas Payera Is Biotechnology Medialized in Iran? Framing Analysis of Iranian TV programs Sala 304 AZarrin Zardar The influence of news consumption on energy technology acceptance in Germany Sala 304 AChristoph Adrian Reimar Zeh Consolidación de la industria pornográfica a través del ambiente digital Latinoamericano: una investigación diagnóstica. Sala 101Aimée Vega Montiel Adina Barrera Hernández Nelly Lara Cháve Mónica Amilpas García Marco Galicia Leticia Díaz Quiroz Female political language style: a case study of Hillary Clinton’s speeches during the American National elections in 2016 Pegasos 1Jana Leyman Hillary in Wonderland: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Women in Political Leadership Roles Pegasos 1Federica Fornaciari Laine Goldman How to be a woman: the mediatic construction of an implicit comparison between Dilma Rousseff and Marcela Temer Pegasos 1Larissa Monteiro Rosa Los discursos discriminatorios a partir de recepción televisiva del fútbol femenino en Twitter de Brasil durante las Olimpiadas de Rio 2016 Sala 101Bruno Santos Nascimento Dias Los procesos de apropiación de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación. El caso de mujeres mexicanas egresadas de Laboratoria Sala 101Walys Becerril Martínez Medios digitales para usuarios y usuarias LGBTTTI ¿alternativa informativa o industrias culturales? Sala 101Enrique Alberto Alcaraz Segura Public and private intersectionalities: An examination of clash of identities during 2016 US presidential election Pegasos 1Jessica Oswald Sudeshna Roy Representaciones estéticas en red: CiberARTivismo y feminismo en Latinoamérica Sala 101Belén Valencia Commission HIV/AIDS news in Ugandan newspapers: Conversations with health news editors and reporters Barahona 1.1Angella Napakol Demystifying the epidemic: Understanding educated perceptions of Zulu cultural beliefs about HIV and AIDS communication Barahona 1.1Nqobile Thobile Ndzinisa Participatory Health Communication: An effective approach to reach gays for HIV prevention Barahona 1.1Archana Rao Manukonda Positive Talk: Online Forums-- HIV and MSM Sexual Health in the Canadian Context Barahona 1.1James Alexander Forbes Archives-- Portuguese Film and the Visual Re-writing of Salazarism Sala 301 BAdriana Alves de Paula Martins Storytelling shapes the public memory? The struggle for recognition for memory and justice in Brazil Sala 301 BVanessa Veiga de Oliveira Structural Transformation 2.0? Memory and History in Digital Public Spheres Sala 301 BManuel Menke Transmedia dynamics in the construction of cultural memory. An analysis about the memory of the 1985 earthquake in Mexico Sala 301 BJanny Amaya Trujillo The Image That ISIS Built: A Deep Dive into Dabiq Magazine Sala 304 BGhassan Abu Husein Transforming identities and relations: Taliban peace talks and Pakistani media Sala 304 BBushra Hameedur Rahman Trump’s Muslim Ban: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Aljazeera-- New York Times and Wall Street Journal Sala 304 BMuhammad Jameel Yusha'u Actores sociales en la Cumbre del Clima de París: el mensaje de mujeres-- jóvenes-- indígenas y grupos religiosos Pegasos 2María Luisa Azpíroz Comparatively Analyzing Climate Change News Coverage from Corporate-- Non-Profit and Bi-National Sources Pegasos 2Andrew Kennis Responsibility-- Human Interest-- Conflict-- Morality-- and Economics: How the Ideology of 15 Different News Publications Shaped Media Coverage of Refugees in the United States-- Australia and the United Kingdo... Pegasos 2Linda Jean Kenix Transmedia storytelling practices under an ecological perspective: a case from the Brazilian independent journalism Pegasos 2Carolina Teixera Weber Agnese Eugenia Maria Mariano da Rocha Barichello Innovation in Brazilian Digital Native Journalism: new business models and revenue sources Sala 103Egle Müller Spinelli Maria Elisabete Antonioli Mapping and Evaluating the Deployment of the Business Journalistic Model -Facebook - Instant Articles” Sala 103Lilian Cristina Monteiro França Niche news outlets in Brazil: a changing ecology Sala 103 Public Service Journalism in the Age of Entrepreneurship Sala 103Maggie Reid El derecho al olvido en Chile Barahona 4.2Ángela Moreno Privacy-- metadata and migration status: A networked governance approach to protecting vulnerable populations against discrimination and harm. Barahona 4.3Rodrigo Cetina Presuel Privacy: A -first world luxury” in a society plagued by porn-- pedophilia and human trafficking? Barahona 4.4Loreto Corredoira |Isabel Serrano The Networked Governance of Communication Barahona 4.2 Engaging the World:Digital Literacy for Transcultural Citizenship Sala 303 BManisha Pathak-Shelat Global Shifts in Media Education: Where are we now? Sala 303 BStuart R Poyntz Michael Hoechsmann La promoción del empoderamiento de las mujeres a través de la educación para los medios y la perspectiva de género feminista. Sala 303 BRaquel Ramírez Salgado Media Studies, Bodies and Technologies: Media Studies for a Living World Sala 303 BCarl Bybee Shelby Stanovsek Peace journalism: a glocal perspective Sala 303 BAltaf Khan Fawad Ali Shah A multi-method analysis of news media quality: Comparing scholars’ assessments with citizens’ perceptions Barahona 2.3Philipp Bachmann Diana Ingenhoff Mark Eisenegger Does the Medium Make a Difference? Salience of Media Technologies (Print-- Electronic and Digital) in News Repertoires and its Interrelationships with Democratic Attitudes Barahona 2.3Hillel Nossek Marisa Torres da Silva Miguel Vicente-Mariño E-Service Communication Between Organization and Customer: Effects of Schema Resonance on Information Inquiry E-Service Barahona 2.3Xu Song Cindy Christen New ways of addressing all citizens in a digitalised society: communication tools for public governmental services Barahona 2.3Willemien Laenens Rethinking ‘Mediated Politics’ in Contemporary China Barahona 2.3Weijia Wang Qi Wang Amazonas: one territory-- many voices C. CaballeroJuana Ochoa Almanza David Fayad Sanz Eliana del Rosario Herrera Huerfano Conceptualising Participation in User Experience and User Interface Design for Digital Rural Communication C. DamasLoes Witteveen Elske van de Fliert Rico Lie Contextualized Affordances: the use of communication for participation and social change C. DamasJo Tacchi Indigenous research - -cultivation and nurturing of Wisdom and Knowledge” C. CaballeroRoy Krøvel Investigación-Acción-Participativa en la construcción del Plan de Vida del resguardo indígena Wacoyo de Puerto Gaitán-- Meta-- Colombiq C. CaballeroJuan Jose Vieco Albarracin La comunicación como abordaje de lo sagrado en los pueblos kogui y kankuamo.Enunciados y enunciación en tiempos y saberes educativos. C. CaballeroJeannette Plaza Participation studies and solidary rights: A communication perspective C. DamasColin Tinei Chasi The resurgence of a practice approach-- and the implications for research and practice in communication for social change C. DamasThomas Tufte Towards An Integrative East-West Paradigm for Modernization C. DamasQinying Chen Lingling Pan Caracterización de las fiestas patronales del Corpus Cristi de San Vicente de Chucurí y la Virgen de la Original de Simití, como expresiones culturales patrimoniales en la región del Magdalena Medio Sala 303 ACarlos Alberto Vasquez Estado y prácticas culturales. Representaciones en torno al proceso de oficialización de las fiestas populares en la norpatagonia argentina 2003-2015 Sala 303 AJulio César Monasterio Macondo: Cultura universal, patrimonio del Caribe colombiano / Macondo: Universal culture, Colombian Caribbean patrimony Sala 303 AOscar Andrés Rodríguez “Juicios Socio-Culturales (Disonancias Cognitivas) sobre la ‘Palabra’ Inciden en el Denominado Discurso de Ideología de Género de la Cartilla Ambientes Escolares Libres de Discriminación” Sala 303 APaola Andrea Hernández Arcila Sara Colorado Molina Lina María Sanchez Marín Clickbait Ate the News: An Alternative Explanation for the Decline of the News Industry Barahona 1.2David Elliot Berman International E-Lancer Resistance: Precarious Freelance Journalists-- Their Rights and Contract Barahona 1.2Errol Salamon Merging on the Ridiculous? The Political Economic Implications of the NZME- Fairfax NZ Merger Application for Newspaper Market Competition in New Zealand Barahona 1.2Peter A. Thompson The Rise of the Misinformation Society: Market Failure and the Decline of Journalism Barahona 1.2Victor Pickard Building Bridges with Breitbart: A Topic Model Analysis of Online Media Coverage During the US Presidential Election 2016 Sala 302 AJonas Kaiser Nikki Bourassa Metodología para evaluar la transparencia de las webs de las alcaldías en Colombia Sala 302 AJohanna María Muñoz Lalinde Pedro Molina Rodríguez Navas Using big data approach to analysis candidates campaign and crowd discussion on facebook --- A case study of the 2014 Taipei mayoral election Sala 302 AYi Lin Tsai ¿Desintermediación? Una nueva cultura de comunicación política en las redes. El Big Data y los casos de #UnidosPodemos y #BlackLivesMatter Sala 302 AJosé Manuel Robles Ana María Córdoba Is Religion a Foreign News Story? A case study in the foreign press corps in Israel Sala VIP IIIYoel Cohen Religious Impact on Journalism Ethics in Russia Sala VIP IIIVictor Khroul Transforming National Culture through News Discourse – Examining the Perspectives of Radio News Construct about Imagined Nationhood of Nigeria Sala VIP IIISulaiman Adeshina Osho Beyond the frame: Towards a new agenda for the study of visual practices Barahona 2.1Edgar Gómez Cruz Chattering with the Virtual Self and the Other: The Everyday Visual Practice, Bullet Screen, and the Online Video Sharing Community in China Barahona 2.1Weihua Wu Goodbye to cinema: digital and new architectures of seeing and hearing Barahona 2.1José Cláudio Siqueira Castanheira The 'neo-neorealism' as a method to criticize the consumption of violent images as entertainment in 'Funny Games' and 'Funny Games U.S.' Barahona 2.1Thiago Henrique Ramari Touching the Digital Skin Barahona 2.1Deborah A. Tudor

16:00 GMT-05

The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation Terrace Cloister of the Animas Media and Sport Conversations with Cartagena Sala 304 APaula Bianchi • Joaquin Marin Montin Aproximación a una propuesta metodológica para el estudio de audiencias de primera y segunda pantalla Sala 201Monica Salazar Gomez Design Audiovisual: cuando los estudios de audiencia encuentran la interacción persona-computadora Sala 201Daniel Gambaro Thais Saraiva Ramos Valdecir Becker Ed Porto Bezerra La interacción de las audiencias con las noticias en los portales digitales de los principales diarios de Perú Sala 201Rosa Zeta de Pozo Tomás Atarama Rojas Modelos explicativos de la exposición selectiva a la información política y el partidismo de las audiencias en España Sala 201María Luisa Humanes Music on-demand streaming services e industrias creativas: economía política y micro-políticas de la audiencia musical Sala 201Rodrigo Fonseca Rodrigues Astréia Soares Batista Comics and cultural memory: autobiographical outlooks on our relationship with media. Barahona 2.2Monica Fontana Desde la ventana de mi casa puedo dibujar el mundo. Barahona 2.2Javier Alberto Barreto El libro vaquero (The cowboy book): Cartoon and Popular Mexican Culture. Barahona 2.2Susana Jeanine Mondragón Historia y memoria popular. Crónica alternativa de la Ciudad de México en la obra de Gabriel Vargas. Barahona 2.2Laura Nallely Hernández Nieto Iván Facundo Rubinstein Alternative approaches to environment reporting in the digital era: ‘Keep it in the Ground’ and advocacy journalism Sala 301Susan Forde Alternative influences on the media representation of women in the Brazilian Carnival. Sala 301Micaela Lüdke Rossetti Criticizing and Understanding Community Media: Reconsidering the Role of Program Council System in Japan Secretaría GeneralAkiko Ogawa Cuando en las calles y el espacio radioeléctrico se desborda lo común: Una mirada a partir de la lucha oaxaqueña de la APPO en 2006 Barahona 3Carlos Francisco Baca-Feldman Jóvenes del candomblé: ciberactivismo y protagonismo juvenil entre los miembros de las religiones afro-brasileñas Barahona 3Ricardo Oliveira de Freitas New Media, New Discourse? Minorities, Alternative Space and Homophily on Facebook Sala 301Maha Bashri Online synergizing alternative media for Empowering people: study of three online sites in India: thecitizen.in, thewire.in, and newslaundry.com Sala 301Francis Arackal Thummy Power and resistance in social media: the case of the AMAgeddon Barahona 3Patrick Deslauriers Protest and politics in radio activism Barahona 3Kate Coyer Sin pantalla. El fracaso de la televisión comunitaria en Uruguay Secretaría GeneralNicolás Agustín Robledo Pisciottano Speaking for my people: Taiwan Indigenous Television and its news making Secretaría GeneralChen-Ling Hung Televisión Comunitaria: desafíos culturales, sociales y políticos. CASO: TV MICC Secretaría GeneralTania Francisca Villalva The Cultural Politics of Religious Defiance in Islam: How Pseudonyms and Media Can Destigmatize Apostates Sala 301Natalie Khazaal Una mirada al ejercicio actual de televisión comunitaria abarcando aspectos que la caracterizan. Caso Tv Suesca Secretaría GeneralLaura Liceth Sanchez Arevalo Urban space and social inequality in Ocupe Estelita video productions Barahona 3Natalia Flores Isaltina Maria de Azevedo Mello Gomes A multi-dimensional approach to gender inclusion in the Internet Universality Indicators Salón ArsenalClaudia Padovani Governing the Advertising Supported Internet: Towards an Internet Universality Indicator for Investment in Global Social Media Content Creation Salón ArsenalJeremy Shtem Internet Universality and Datafication: Indicators for Digital Citizens in the Era of Mass Surveillance Salón ArsenalArne Hintz Media and internet indicators: social legitimacy and transformative capacity Salón ArsenalGabriel Kaplún The Influence of Internet Indicators Salón ArsenalRobin Mansell El escozor de la alteridad en un -país isla”: un análisis sobre la construcción mediática del migrante colombiano en la televisión chilena Salon P. ObregónVanessa Solano Cohen Fernanda Stang La representación cinematográfica en los imaginarios de la población desplazada Salon P. ObregónLuis Fernando Gasca Bazurto Lo afroperuano en la televisión nacional del Perú: un estudio sobre su representación-- discriminación y estereotipia Salon P. ObregónLuis Rolando Alarcón Nos-otros-- -la diáspora”: fundamentación y contexto para el estudio de la representación de los emigrantes en los medios de comunicación de Venezuela Salon P. ObregónAgrivalca Canelón Cultural Diversity-- Pluralism and Social Media in Colombia Barahona 4.1José Miguel Pereira González Doing friendship by media – how media transforms our everyday life relations Barahona 4.1Jeannine Teichert Instant Online Celebrities and Commercialism in Modern China: Taking Sina Weibo as an Inspection Field Barahona 4.1Chen Luo Ziqiao Li Persistent negative media effects – why-- with which media-- and what can be done? Barahona 4.1Miriam Bartsch Platform politics in WeChat and Weibo: state control and regulation Barahona 4.1Weiwei Xu Comunicación de riesgos y participación de comunidades tradicionales en procesos de toma de decisión en el río san francisco/ brasil Sala 304 AMichele Amorim Becker Ebola fear and panic: contextualising vanguard’s coverage of the 2014 ebola outbreak in nigeria within a moral panic framework. Sala 304 AOlutobi Akingbade News coverage of water contamination: The missing scientific and engineering perspective in crisis communication Sala 304 AMandar M Dewoolkar Shakuntala Rao When science encounters pop culture: TV programs as a trial to improve science communication Sala 304 AChun Ju Huang Miao-Ju Jian Género, 'Desarrollo” y Derecho a la Comunicación: tránsitos y tensiones Sala 101Yusly Paola Perez Género, comunicación y políticas públicas: una mirada a la transversalización del género y derecho a la comunicación en América Latina Sala 101Angélica Castro Camacho Esteban Cubero Hernández Hermès as a Social Class Symbol and a Culture Commodification In The Life of Jakarta’s Middle Class Woman Pegasos 1Eni Maryani Sunarya Fitriah Ady Utami Tjenreng La invisibilización de las mujeres en el derecho a la información pública gubernamental. Acercamiento a la satisfacción de información desde la experiencia de siete defensoras de derechos de las mujeres Sala 101Adina Barrera La participación y representación de las mujeres migrantes en la prensa de México y Estado Unidos (2015-2017) Sala 101Frambel Lizárraga Salas Masculinity and fashion: a study of social identity theory and gender socialization Pegasos 1Nurhaya Muchtar Media construction of beautiful hair: A study of the representation of hair and feminine beauty in two popular South African magazines. Pegasos 1Janell Marion Le Roux The Renaissance of the Natural? Black female perceptions of artificial and natural hair as reflections of identity in South Africa Pegasos 1Janell Marion Le Roux Harnessing evidence-based communication and new media technologies for Zika prevention and care and support: Emerging lessons from Latin American countries Barahona 1.1Ketan Chitnis Jose Lainez Rafael Obregon Operationalizing Social Research for Zika Prevention: Reflections on UNICEF’s Effort to Translate Qualitative Data into Improved Risk Communication across 8 Latin America and Caribbean Nations Barahona 1.1Kevin Louis Bardosh Giovanna Nunez Maria Jose De Leon Panel: Addressing New Disease Threats - Intersection between Socio-cultural Research, Health Communication and Communities and New Media Technologies for Zika Prevention and Care Barahona 1.1Ketan Chitnis Rafael Obregón Using new media to track knowledge, perceptions, and practices around Zika in four Latin American countries: SMS survey monitoring methodology Barahona 1.1E. Kuor Kumoji Maria Elena Gigueroa Gabrielle Hunter Alice Payne Merritt Anton Schneider Arianna Serino Building mythical leadership through images: Finnish president Kekkonen as an early king of promotion Sala 301 BLotta Lounasmeri Historical Relevance of the Vernacular Press in the Global South: Tracing the History of Malayalam language Press through its Role in the public Action in Kerala-- India -1923-2013 Sala 301 BMochish K.S. Stereotypes and Communal Identity: Representations of Jewish Immigrants in Palestine by 19th Century Hebrew Journalists Sala 301 BGideon Kouts The Struggle over Press Distribution as a Market Strategy in early Post-Socialist Germany Sala 301 BMandy Tröger Cosmopolitan On-Line Consumer Communities - Belonging and Pitfalls of Ethnocentric Discourses Pegasos 2Benoit Cordelier Framing racism and xenophobia in South Africa: banal nationalism? Pegasos 2Tanja Estella Bosch Wallace Chuma Global Gaps in Global Communication: (Failed) Lifeworld Interaction Between New Global Elites and Local Masses Pegasos 2Anne Grüne Per diem payments as a form of indirect censorship and state control in Guinea-Bissau journalism Pegasos 2Susana Sampaio-Dias A Dispositional and Frame Analysis of Global Warming in Editorial and Non-Editorial News Coverage of Nine British and United States Newspapers Sala 103Richard C. Vincent Against consensus: The importance of material-- symbolic and discursive struggles against regulation of Journalism training in Kenyan universities Sala VIP IIIGloria Anyango Ooko Decolonizing the Journalism Curriculum: Conceptual Notes and Analysis following a Student Survey. Sala VIP III Dismantling a municipality’s regulation: how news media herding public opinion and doing advocacy Sala 103Achmad Supardi New dimensions-- new spaces: The import of disruptive innovations to journalism practice and education in Kenya. Sala VIP IIINancy Achieng Booker People just like you: A mirror theory of China’s English-language journalism Sala 103 Political and Journalistic Discourse Divide: A frame analysis on the Tianjin Explosion’s Press Conference in China Sala 103Ruhan Zhao Mingyuan SUN Project Safe Space: transformative journalism education as wise practice for advocacy and social change Sala VIP IIIFaith Valencia-Forrester Bridget Backhaus The Construction of Shanghai 's City Image under the Framework of Chinese and American News ——A Comparative Study of -New York Times” and -China Daily” (2007-2016) Sala 103Mengfei Luan Mingyang Yu U.S Journalism's education's strategic adaptations to resource competition and demographic change in American higher education Sala VIP IIIAnn Hollifield Lee B. Becker Tudor Vlad Copyright and Human Rights as media regulations Barahona 4.2Martin Fredriksson Christiaan de Beukelaer Intellectual Property and Information Policy: Constructing Student Interest in the Law Barahona 4.2 Interactive storytelling and collaborative content production through the Web: new challenges to exclusive intellectual rights Barahona 4.2Vitor Souza Lima Blotta Protection Information-- Social Media and Copyright Law : A Case Study of the Egyptian Journalists Barahona 4.2Miral Sabry EL Ashry Comunicacciones escolares Una experiencia comunicacional en las Instituciones de Educación Pública de Cartagena de Indias - Colombia Sala 303 BMarelbi del Carmen Olmos Educar comunicadores sociales y periodistas en las era digital: el nuevo desafío Sala 303 BCindy Mariana Ariza Rodriguez Media Literacy Competencies for Navigating Media Cultures: Findings of a Comparative Study in Southeast Asia. Sala 303 BCornelia M. Wallner Susan Alpen Marian T. Adolf Media Literacy Education for Critical Citizen Action: A General Education Course Case Study on ‘Civil Journalism and Action’ in Taiwan Sala 303 BHuei Lan Wang Rethinking news and media literacy in the 'post-truth' environment Sala 303 BManuel Pinto La estrategia digital de internacionalización de Marca para su consolidación como medio deportivo líder en Latinoamérica Sala 302 AJose Luis Rojas Torrijos La superación de los estigmas y de los prejuicios: los Juegos Paralímpicos de Rio 2016 y la representación de los atletas discapacitados en la prensa brasileña Sala 302 AJosé Carlos Marques No es -pobre- ni viene de la selva: tratamiento periodístico del ciclista Nairo Quintana en la prensa colombiana y europea Sala 302 Alizandro Angulo Laura Carolina Vargas Nuevos espacios para nuevas comunidades: las mujeres como prosumers de información deportiva. El caso mexicano de Fridapop. Sala 302 AClaudia Ivette Pedraza Bucio Rafaela Silva y Carolina Marín. Media Representations of Olympic Heroines at the Rio 2016 Games Sala 302 AJoaquin Marin Montin Paula Bianchi Análisis de la aplicación de las tecnologías de realidad aumentada en los procesos productivos de los medios de comunicación españoles Barahona 4.3David Parra Valcarce Concha Edo Bolós Juan Carlos Marcos Recio De la virtualización antropológica a la virtualización digital. Narraciones ciudadanas del -centro comercial de cielos abiertos” de Armenia-- Colombia Barahona 4.3Lucero Giraldo Sandra Leal Jorge Prudencio Lozano Observando los procesos de comunicación-- creatividad y transformación social en plataformas digitales: La experiencia del Observatorio en Comunicación de la Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores (Colomb... Barahona 4.3Patricia Lora Janneth Palacios On the adaptations in the terrestrial TV’s production practices due to the second screen experience: An analysis of the reconfiguration in Brazilian televisual media production Barahona 4.3Carlos Eduardo Marquioni Informers or Influencers? The roles of media in Twitter discussions on inter-ethnic conflicts in Germany-- France-- and Russia Barahona 2.3Ekmel Gecer Ramazan Guresci Media and the Caste Oppression in the Global South: An Analysis of the Media Coverage of the Dalit Atrocities in India between- 2014-2017 Barahona 2.3Mochish K.S. Media, Democracy and Power: The Turkish Case Barahona 2.3 Representations of Peace in News Discourse: Viewpoint and Opportunity for Peace Journalism Barahona 2.3Lea Mandelzis Community media participation and communicative equality C. CaballeroYoung-Gil Chae Yeran Kim Sook-Jung Lee Making Human Rights News: Expanding Participation, Challenging Constraints C. DamasJohn Pollock Screens and Places: Redefining Participatory Public Space C. DamasGary Gumpert Social change in Vietnam: contextualising a catalyst model through a case study of the LIN Center for Community Development in Ho Chi Minh City-- Vietnam C. CaballeroChau Bao Doan Evangelia Papoutsaki Giles Dodson The Affective Politics of Participatory Media: Mapping -Feeling Rules C. CaballeroMegan Boler Elizabeth Davis The Digital vs. the Physical: How the Virtual Revolution Bypassed a Community Radio Icon and Left it Without a Home – A Personal Reflection on Pacifica’s WBAI C. DamasMario Murillo The Right to Communicate and the Digitalization and Privatization of Public Space C. DamasSusan Drucker Tribal community-- State and Community Radio C. CaballeroArun John Aprender a comunicar lo corpóreo Sala 303 AJuan Carlos Gómez Torres Juan Carlos Forero Rodriguez Carlos Michelena y el teatro callejero: Un estudio sobre el humor como estrategia de crítica al poder político y como expresión de la cultura popular Sala 303 AJuan Manuel López La colonización antioqueña y construcción de identidad colectiva en el territorio Sala 303 AMaría del Rosario Álvarez De Moya La tendencia: consciencia colectiva y mito del poder Sala 303 AAlejandro Cuervo Paisaje, comunicación y narrativas. Narrativas e historias de vida mediáticas en la construcción del paisaje regional cafetero en Colombia Sala 303 AJulian Andres Burgos Suarez Chinese hierarchical network society as a model Barahona 1.2Jan Miessler Digital Formation of Esport Gaming Network in East Asia Barahona 1.2peichi chung In search of sexual desire: Social media-- market and state policy in China Barahona 1.2Weishan miao Zhi`an Zhang Problematizing the Transcorprate Franchise: The Case of Pokémon Go Barahona 1.2Randall James Nichols Socio-economic Interpretation of Korea’s Mobile Technologies: a historical approach Barahona 1.2Dal Yong Jin The Chinese Snipe-Hunting of Didi Chuxing: Policy, Financial Capital and the Uncertain Future of the Sharing Economy Barahona 1.2Changchang Wu Fandong Meng How the Colombian Peace Process Fits within Challenges for Ensuring Freedom of Expression in Latin America Aligns with International Standards Fundación Nuevo Periodismo IberoamericanoGuilherme Canela Los medios y el periodismo perdidos en los horizontes de paz Fundación Nuevo Periodismo IberoamericanoOmar Rincon Los territorios de paz y las posibilidades de creacion etica y estetica de las resistancias Fundación Nuevo Periodismo IberoamericanoOscar Useche Ligia Fanny Naranjo Ignacio Holguín Christopher Courtheyn Media frames about the coverage of the peace plebiscite between the colombian goverment and the FARC guerrilla Fundación Nuevo Periodismo IberoamericanoJairo Darío Velásquez Espinosa PANEL: Perils and Possibilities: The Media in Post-Peace Accord Colombia Fundación Nuevo Periodismo IberoamericanoAlex L. Fattal Omar Rincon Guilherme Canela De Souza Godoi The FARC and the Culture Industry: What the Media Spectacle of the FARC’s 10th Conference says about its Prospects for Political Integration Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano -Gangnam Style--- a break in our visual culture: new media-- new territoriality and new discourse in a post-modern narrative Barahona 2.1Thais Jorge Eugenio Cony Cidade Between representation and reconstruction: A case study of the transformative potentialities of visual communication for social change in Qatar Barahona 2.1Denielle Janine Emans Culture and memory in interactive narrative Barahona 2.1Ines Maria Silva Maciel Katia Augusta Maciel Idol in Veil: young muslims and K-pop fandom in Indonesia Barahona 2.1Sunny Yoon The conservative culturalism of -Narcos-: Latin American mediations between fact and fiction. Barahona 2.1Marcio Serelle

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